Moonlit tides crash endlessly against the shore reminding us of long roads travelled and hardships endured. Take comfort and pride in the journey and in bitter sweet memories of love and loss alike. It is these experiences that shape us, mould us and define us. As dusk falls and tides retreat, there is a calm, tranquil air that now sets in. The waves shimmer and fade away into the night giving silence for silence. Gently from across the water the moonlit crest bows its head one last time, folding into the horizon. 

Concordis welcomes you to Eventide, a journey of reflection and healing. 

Concert 1

Saturday 21 May, 8:00pm

The Old Melbourne Gaol

377 Russell Street, Melbourne

Concert 2

Sunday 22 May, 3:00pm

Chapter House

Level 2, 195 Flinders Lane, Melbourne


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