Light Above Earth Below – 25 & 26 May 2024

Concordis Chamber Choir invites you to join us for Light Above Earth Below, an enchanting journey through the realms of sky, earth, and the elements.

Join Concordis this May for a midwinter performance of choral music that will leave you feeling spellbound and connected to the natural world. Book your tickets now for Light Above Earth Below.

Sunward – 16 & 17 September 2023

Concordis Chamber Choir invites you to join us for Sunward. Bask in a soul-stirring performance celebrating themes of warmth, serenity and hope. 

Join Concordis this September for a radiant performance of choral music that will leave you feeling inspired and uplifted. Book your tickets now for Sunward.

Let Me But Soar – 20 & 21 May 2023

Concordis Chamber Choir invites you to experience Let Me But Soar at Abbotsford Convent. A warming blend of soaring melodies and touching harmonies to enrich the soul. 

Join Concordis in the historic surrounds of Abbotsford Convent for a joyous performance of choral music that will leave you feeling renewed and uplifted.

On This Shining Night – 3 December 2022

Concordis Chamber Choir welcomes you to On This Shining Night.

Steal away with us for a magical evening as we take you on a journey celebrating the wonders of Christmas. Combining a diverse and thoughtful repertoire, Concordis brings to life a glorious blend of innovative choral music to raise voices and lift spirits into the holiday period.

With many more highlights (and festive favourites) to come, we invite you to join us at 75 Reid Street On this Shining Night.

Festival of Voices – 6 – 10 July 2022

We are thrilled to be attending Festival of Voices 6 – 10 July! Festival of Voices will be 17 years old in 2022…the first Tasmanian winter Festival, designed specifically to embrace the unique experience of winter and bring light and enjoyment to the people of Hobart in what was traditionally a cold and quiet season. Concordis will be performing at a number of exciting venues, including St. David’s Cathedral, Federation Concert Hall, and pop up performances at MONA and the Port Arthur Historic Site.

Eventide – 21 & 22 May 2022

Moonlit tides crash endlessly against the shore reminding us of long roads travelled and hardships endured. Take comfort and pride in the journey and in bitter sweet memories of love and loss alike. It is these experiences that shape us, mould us and define us. As dusk falls and tides retreat, there is a calm, tranquil air that now sets in. The waves shimmer and fade away into the night giving silence for silence. Gently from across the water the moonlit crest bows its head one last time, folding into the horizon. 

Concordis welcomes you to Eventide, a journey of reflection and healing.

Illumina – 29 & 30 May 2021

Illumina, to give light.

Darkness is a weary fog that beckons sleep. It leaves you wanting memories of laughter, dance and song. But as gentle night passes, we wake to the morning hush of quiet birds, soft sunlight and the fires of life.

Illumina is an immersive experience of radiance, music and light. Reflecting upon a year of darkness and adversity, Concordis draws upon stunning traditional, contemporary and spiritual compositions to bring fire and luminosity to a brand new choral experience. Join us as we step into the light with ringing voices and bounding hearts.